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Didactics of Physics - Projects

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Syllabus for Physics in Upper Secondary Schools

Period: 01.07.2007 - 01.10.2010
Project management: Prof. Dr. Horst Schecker
Financing: Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft, Bremen (Entwicklung des Plans 2007/2008); IDN-Eigenmittel (Materialentwicklung und Fortbildung)
Cooperation: Dr. Jörn Gerdes (Fachberater Physik, Land Bremen), StD. Michael Dörfler (Landesinstitut für Schulpraxis)
Members: Dr. Erik Einhaus , PD Dr. Christoph Kulgemeyer

The physics education group of the IDN is commissioned to develop a new syllabus for physics in the final years of the gymnasium. There is a close cooperation with expert teachers from schools in the State of Bremen.

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