WP3 Staff training in the SALiS beneficiary countries


Within the course of the project, the SALiS team will offer in-service training for staff members and teachers in the beneficiary countries. Staff will be trained in active learning methods providing overall competencies such as as critical thinking, puting questions and discussion, writing, reading as well as specific competencies related to scientific activity such as using lab tools and materials and conducting scientific experiment (development of hypothesis, predicting, inferring, observation of the actual experimental procedure, , data registration, data analysis) keeping safety. Training will cover principal themes in chemistry, physics and biology as well as questions related to the integrative science education such as using experiments in physics to explain several biological phenomena. Lab Guide comprising instructions for the use of tools and materials and conduction of science experiment will be prepared and disseminated among training participants (see WP1).

Aside the training in the beneficiary countries, visits of the partners from the beneficiary countries to Bremen, Limerick, Plovdiv and Berlin university labs will be organized for participation in training activities within the EU-countries.