WP2 Equipping SALiS laboratories in the beneficiary countries


All SALiS beneficiaries esstablish a SALiS lab. The SALiS lab is a learning environment for pre- and in-service teacher training following the objectives of SALiS.

All SALiS training centres will establish such a lab for teacher training. Tools and materials included are for example: Science lab equipment tools (microscopes, magnifying glasses, dyes, device for micro-photography, centrifuge, thermo-states, callorymeters, refrigerators, magnets, electricity generators, gas containers and heating devices, glass tubes, Petri dishes, jars, UPS, video technics) and materials (samples for microscopy, models of human body parts and chemical compounds, chemical reagents, biology and chemistry kits, hydro - lab, weather station, power technology, weird science body works, chemistry C 300 and S 1000, DNA wizard, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales, Sauthern blotting technics) as well as educational movies, maps and atlases.

The establishment of the SALiS labs in the beneficiary countries is supported by the EU-partners.