WP1 Development of SALiS training modules


Within the SALiS project a curriculum framework for a training course for science educators and science teachers will be developed. The course will cover a contention with modern educational theory in the field of science education and preparing student teachers and teachers along examples of good practice to promote more student-active learning (hands-on and minds-on) in science education.

Training of the staff and of teachers will take place during the course of the project in the six beneficiary universities (see WP3). Staff members from six SALiS beneficiary Universities are trained in effective usage of SALiS Labs (see WP2), and in managing and maintenance of SALiS labs. Starting from the course of the project, modules of the SALiS courses will be offered also to student teachers and in-service trainees in all SALiS-Universities.

Respective manuals for the teacher trainers will be developed. The SALiS website will provide additional resources.