National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning / Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences

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NCE-MSTL is a major initiative funded by the Higher Education Authority Ireland to research, co-ordinate and support, develop and implement programmes to enhance Irish science and mathematics teaching and learning at all levels. The National Centre is hosted by the University of Limerick and operates under the aegis of the Shannon Consortium.

The University of Limerick, Ireland is the lead institute in this partnership of research, scholarship and practice in science and mathematics teaching and learning. Expertise is drawn from a networked community of teachers, academics, researchers and practitioners existing in collaborating institutions, schools, government departments and agencies, and industry.

The University of Limerick is the major producer of second-level science teachers in Ireland through 3 degree programmes. These are all concurrent degrees where students study education, at least two sciences and science education as part of a four degree. There are two periods of teaching practice in the degree, in second and fourth years. The B.Sc. in Biological Sciences produces teachers of agricultural science and biology, together with either physics or chemistry. The B.Sc. in Physical Sciences produces teachers of physics and chemistry. The B.Sc. in Physical Education produces teachers of physical education and chemistry. Each year around 50-60 students graduate from these three programmes.