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Where does Doping start? - A teaching approach aiming in interdisciplinary competence of evaluation

Period: 01.12.2008 - 01.03.2009
Project management: Prof. Dr. Ingo EilksDr. Torsten Witteck


Article in proceedings
Eilks, Ingo, I Gusti Bagus, Miriam; Witteck, Torsten: "Doping" for chemistry lessons - A socio-critical and problem-oriented approach to learn about chemical analytics and the handling of socio-scientific issues in society. In: In J. Holbrook, M. Rannikmae, R. Soobard, B. Cavas & M. Kim (eds.), Innovation in science and technology education: research, policy, practice (3rd World conference on science and technology education), Tartu: University of Tartu (2010), 72-74
I Gusti Bagus, Miriam; Witteck, Torsten; Eilks, Ingo: Doping im gesellschaftskritisch-problemorientierten Chemieunterricht. In: D. Höttecke (Hrsg.): Entwicklung naturwissenschaftlichen Denkens zwischen Phänomen und Systematik, Münster: Lit (2010), 80-82 Link

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