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Promotionsprojekt: Mentoring im fachbezogenen Schulpraktikum - Analyse von Reflexionsgesprächen

Mentoring im fachbezogenen Schulpraktikum - Analyse von Reflexionsgesprächen

Zeitraum: 01.02.2012 - 16.06.2015
Doktorand: Dr. Frauke Wischmann, MA
Zweitgutachter: Zweitgutachter: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Schlüter, Köln
Practical courses during teacher studies are considered as a ?bridge between theory and practice? and shall support the development of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). Especially reflective dialogues about teaching experiences ? for example reflections on school lessons that students can have with different interlocutors are useful: Dialogues with fellow students, with experienced school teachers or with their university lectors. Results which underpin this could we gather within the European project GIMMS (LANG, M. AND SIMMIE - MOONEY, G. 2013; ELSTER, D. 2013). What characterizes reflections on biology lessons? Are there differences between dialogues with fellow students, school teachers or university lectors? What is the contribution of these reflections for the professionalization of the students? How is PCK promoted by these reflective dialogues? The first aim of this study is to develop a model to analyze the structure of reflective dialogues. The model has two dimensions: 1) The width of reflection is defined by the facets of pedagogical content knowledge for biology (based on PARK AND OLIVER, 2007). 2) The depth of reflections is described by their complexity. (based on SMITH AND HATTON, 1995 and LEONHARD et al., 2010) For the development of the model we used an inductive approach. We analyzed the reflective dialogues between 7 German biology teacher students and their fellow students, school teachers and university lectors. These dialogues were conducted during a 6-week practical course. They were recorded, transcribed and analyzed according to Mayring´s qualitative content analysis (MAYRING, 2007). Additionally interviews with the subjects were conducted. The issues of these interviews were to gather more information about the background of the reflective dialogues. The interviews are analyzed with the so called core sentence method (VOLMERG AND LEITHÄUSER, 1988) Literature Elster, D. (2013): Subject-related Mentoring in Biology Education. Mentoring for Innovation, Inclusion and Learning. Insights of the EU Comenius GIMMS Project 2006-2009. Münster: Waxmann. Lang, M. and Mooney- Simmie, G. (2013): What's Worth Aiming for in Educational Innovation and Change?. Münster: Waxmann. Leithäuser, T. and Volmerg, B. (1988): Psychoanalyse in der Sozialforschung. Westdeutscher Verlag. Leonhard, T., Nagel, N., Rihm, T., Strittmatter-Haubold, V., Wengert-Richter, P. (2010): Zur Entwicklung von Reflexionskompetenz bei Lehramtsstudierenden. Mayring, P. (2007): Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse. Grundlagen und Techniken. (9). Weinheim und Basel: Beltz. Park, S. & Oliver, J. S. (2007): Revisiting the conceptualisation of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK): PCK as a conceptual tool to understand teachers as professionals. Research Science Education 38: 261?284. Smith, D. & Hatton, N. (1995): Reflection in teacher education: Towards definition and implementation. Teaching & Teacher education 11 (1), 33 - 49.

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